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My Problem With iTunes 7

So I downloaded and installed iTunes 7 last week, plugged in my iPod Nano, and I saw the strangest thing: all of my music had disappeared. It was there in iTunes 6, but not so much anymore. 4GB — 700 songs (that 1000 songs is a 128k joke) — had simply vanished. Gone like Kahoutek.

Except of course, it wasn’t: according to the space indicator, it was all still there, taking up room on the Nano’s hard drive. I had 3.72GB of something taking up space on my , it’s just that neither iTunes nor my Nano could find it. This, BTW, is exactly one of my fears about the already infamous Zune “three days / three plays” issue: the music stays on your hard drive, but is forever inaccessible.

So I said frack that, and restored the iPod, figuring that I would just start from scratch. After determining that it was all clear, I did what I’ve always done: used Windows Explorer to drag a file directly to the iPod window in iTunes, only, unlike every single other time in the last year I’ve owned the Nano, it didn’t show up. Oh sure, it took space, but wasn’t seeable as a song. Gee thanks!


Why I Won’t Swoon For Zune

This is going to be pretty short and sweet. I’m sure that Kirk may have a blow-by-blow analysis of all of Zune’s shortcomings forthcoming, but I just want to do a quick take on what is supposed to make Zune an “iPod Killer:” — that killer app that would coax people like me away from purchasing yet another iPod — the wireless song-sharing.


Why Steve Jobs Pre-announced Apple’s iTV Product

Of all of the product announcements made during today’s Apple event, the most surprising, by far, was the pre-announcement of a new set-top box. Code named iTV, the box will use standard wireless networking to feed iTunes content to any home entertainment center. The device is scheduled to come out in the first quarter of 2007.

Does anyone remember the last time Apple pre-announced a new product this far in advance? What happened to the legendary Apple secrecy? A huge part of Apple’s mystic is built around the intense reaction the press has to the unveiling of unexpected new products. That coverage usually drives customers to jump on the bandwagon and buy the latest Apple products immediately. By previewing iTV this far in advance Apple risks losing both the buzz and consumer interest during the months leading up to its release. Worse yet, iTV won’t be available for the holiday shopping season.


From Japan, it’s the iPodBot!

iPodBot How many times have you asked yourself, “if only my iPod docking station were a robot? And not just any robot, but a robot that will follow me around, playing all of my favorite iPod music?”

If you’re like me, the answer is “dozens, maybe even hundreds, of times.” Well, finally all of your hopes have been fulfilled and all of your prayers have been answered.

I’m going to call it the iPodBot, but its real name is the Miuro, and it is going to be your newest — and bestest — robot friend!


Nothin’ From Nothin’ Leaves Nothin’

George Bush and iPod get ready for a bike ride.A long time ago in a galaxy far away, we had a little something called “AM Radio”. On AM Radio, they played something called “singles”. These singles were sometimes just that — individual songs recorded by artists. Sometimes these singles came from a flat piece of grooved vinyl called an “album”.

This being the the olden days (think approximately the time that the wonders of electricity were fully explored), sometimes you’d hear a single on the radio and you’d go to the store and buy it. The single generally had two songs, on on the A side and one on the B side. Some people took the whole power of the purchasing dollar thing further and bought entire albums.