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Certain Songs #960: Lloyd Cole – “Diminished Ex”

Album: Standards
Year: 2013

And in the 21st century, I lost the plot a bit when it came to Lloyd Cole. He purposely moved away from making rock ‘n’ roll music: as somebody who was always too self-conscious about aging, he thought he was too old to rock, even though “rocking out” was never something anybody ever associated with Lloyd Cole in the first place.

So while I liked some of the stuff he put out in that period, there wasn’t a whole record that I liked from start to finish until 2013’s Standards, which — of course — didn’t come out here until 2014.


Certain Songs #959: Lloyd Cole – “Vin Ordinaire (alt. version)”

Album: The Negatives
Year: 2000

In 1987, when there was a new Lloyd Cole album that who knows when it was going to be released here (but couldn’t buy as an import because Lloyd Cole was signed to an American record label), all I could do was hope that someone bought it for me in the U.K. and brought it over. But by the year 2000 — the future! — that record might show up on Napster or Usenet or somewhere.

And so it was with The Negatives: I had a copy off of the internet long before I was able to buy the U.S. version of the CD at Amoeba in Berkeley. And when I did, the first thing I noticed is that they’d re-recorded my favorite song, the sadly beautiful “Vin Ordinaire.”


Certain Songs #958: Lloyd Cole – “Past Imperfect”

Album: The Negatives
Year: 2000

I’ve never been quite sure whether this record should be credited to just Lloyd Cole or Lloyd Cole & The Negatives, and all these years later, the internet is split on the subject, depending on where you look.

Either way, one thing is for sure: The Negatives is the best record that Lloyd Cole has made since Mainstream, and it probably wasn’t a coincidence that it was made in a band situation.


Certain Songs #957: Lloyd Cole – “Morning is Broken”

Album: Bad Vibes
Year: 1993

Like virtually every other Lloyd Cole album, Bad Vibes was released in the U.K. months before it was released in the U.S., so in this case, a record released October 1993 doesn’t show up on these shores until early Summer 1994, which was actually a pretty good time for a new record by one of my old favorites.

That summer was a huge transition period for me — I was moving from Fresno to Oakland. I’d lived in Fresno my whole life, but I wanted … well, what you want when you move away from your home town, right? And so right when Bad Vibes came out, I was spending the weeknights crashing on Andrea & Suzi’s couch in their apartment near Lake Merritt after working at my new job tracking direct mail responses at the weird Libertarian advertising agency on the ritzy side of the Caldecott Tunnel, and the weekends closing out my life in Fresno.


Certain Songs #956: Lloyd Cole – “Tell Your Sister”

Album: Don’t Get Weird on Me Babe
Year: 1991

Ignoring the advice that was right there in the title, 1991’s Don’t Get Weird on Me Babe was the first misfire in Lloyd Cole’s career.

Conceptually, it was kind of cool: instead of mixing the orchestral songs he’d cooked up with the help of the legendary Paul Buckmaster in with his reliable jangly guitar songs, he stuck all of the rock songs on one side and the orchestral songs on the other side.