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When Computers Marry Televisions

In an article at Slate, Paul Boutin muses about the lack of television/computer convergence. While his final conclusion — keep your television close, but keep your laptop even closer — makes sense, he doesn’t seem to consider the way our homes work in his analysis.

In order for a hybrid television/computer to work effectively, we will need a solid broadband connection to the spot where the television works. Cable companies will need to be able to deliver programming and the Internet to the same device. Phone companies will need to do the same — TiVo users generally have a phone line nearby for those nightly calls home. Satellite users will need to either figure out how to Google via DirecTV (not likely at this time) or install a second input method (more likely). Then the television will need to converge all this stuff.


The Perfect DVR – My Wish List For the Ultimate Television Machine

I’ve owned a TiVo for over five years now, and without question it has completely changed the way I watch television. I won’t elaborate on how revolutionary the TiVo has been because Kassia has already done that, and I don’t want to come across as one of those TiVo zealots. No, I’m not here to tell you how great the TiVo is. Instead, I want to note just how disappointed I am by the current state of DVR technology. It seems to me that the rate of DVR innovation has begun stagnating.


That’s What I Like: TiVo

Though I’m not one to brag, I have a busy schedule. In addition to Medialoper, I have my traditional consulting clients (cat food is not cheap), I have my blog, I write regular reviews (or irregular as the case may be), I have a regular column, I participate in a blog co-op on a quarterly basis, I read a lot of books (some even for pleasure), I exercise, and I have friends — though they’d be the first to note that I am usually too wiped out to be much good there.

This level of business makes me American, not unique.


TiVo’s Ad Finder

OK, this seems weird: TiVo, which has long helped its users escape watching commercials, has rolled out a service that will allow its users to instead find commercials.

It’s not a full 360 — they aren’t forcing anybody to watch commercials, like Time-Warners’s “Start Over” service, or that evil TV & DVR idea patented by Philips which skips commercials only for those who pay an extra fee — but it still initially seems counterintuitive.

But maybe not.


TiVo’s Dual Tuner: Only Halfway There

My heart jumped when I saw the headline: TiVo Introduces Dual Tuner DVR. While I’ve always been a ReplayTV person, I recently jumped ship to a cable-company provided Scientific Atlanta DVR where the total lack of an usuable user interface has nearly obliterated the fact that it has a dual tuner and can record HD programs.

In retrospect, it was a dumb-ass move, but I’m addicted to those beautiful HD broadcasts of The Sopranos and 24. So, if TiVo was introducing a dual-tuner standalone product (they already make one bundled with DirecTV), I was on board: maybe someone else won’t make the same mistake that I did. Then I read a few more stories about it. And: sigh.