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Medialoper Bebop Episode 28: [REDACTED]

Kirk, Tim & Jim have all seen Moneyball, so we figured we’d talk about both the film and the concept. (05:30 – 15:20)

After that, we look at the SOPA protests, including the one on this site. And explain why Lamar Smith, the author (or “author”) of SOPA, is exactly like Snooki. (15:22 – 20:55)

Then, we look at SPIN’s plan to tweet the vast majority of their record reviews. (20:56 – 32:53)

Finally, it’s Kirk’s turn to explain what is in his mix, which has been utterly transformed by iTunes Match: Elmore James, Sharon Jones and Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs. (32:54 – 40:53)

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How to Not Protect Your Online Identity

For years I’ve been using the same username for many websites but with different passwords. I did it for convenience but I also had this vague idea that I was crafting some kind of an overall online identity which would be uniquely identifiable as me, would be consistent over time and would serve as an informal history to build my technical reputation and credibility. But now that I see the results I don’t like it even though there are not any individual postings or fragments of data that I’m ashamed of or embarrassed about. It’s just that when I see them all together the effect is unsettling and feels like I’ve been under surveillance all these years.

In some cases I made either bad choices or misinformed decisions. For example, by way of Googling my name recently, I found my work phone number in the web archives of a members only listserv for people in my industry. I recall making the decision to put my phone number in my email signature because I was posting specific information that I thought would help guys doing my same job in other organizations. There are few enough of us that I figured I’d be happy to help if one of them were to call me to ask for more details or advice. The problem is that, while I knew that registered members (i.e., people in my industry) would be able to search the archives, I had no idea that the thread was going to end up on Google. That was just simple misinformed decision. But my initial settings on my account turned out to be a case of making a genuinely bad decision, then forgetting all about it.


Tweets in Space!

Because you are absolutely nobody or nothing if you don’t have a presence on Twitter right now, NASA has gotten into the game. This week, they announced that one of their astronauts — Mike Massimino — is going to be using the Twitter from the Space Shuttle.

Top that, Oprah and Ashton!

In any event, Massimino — tweeting under the admittedly awesome nom de twit of “Astro_Mike” — is a relative newbie to the Twitter, so you can only imagine what he will be tweeting.

Well, luckily, you don’t have to. As it turns out, Medialoper is currently beta testing super secret software that allows us to go and retrieve tweets from the not-too-distant future, and I’ve compiled a list of some of the things that Astro_Mike will be sharing with a waiting world.


Traditional Publishers Crash (and Burn at) SXSW

I’ve seen a fair number of remarkable events at SXSW over the years, but I’ve never seen anything quite like what unfolded at the New Think for Old Publishers panel yesterday afternoon.

On paper, the panel must have seemed like a great idea. The publishing industry is in transition with the rise of digital reading and devices like the Kindle, iPhone, and applications like Stanza. SXSW has always been about convergence and the evolution of old media in the digital age. Why not bring a group of book publishers together to address the digerati at SXSW about the changing nature of their industry?

As the twitter stream reveals, the panel never quite lived up to its promise. Now that the dust has cleared, I feel compelled to describe what happened at the New Think panel. From a remote distance it wasn’t necessarily clear what prompted the audience uprising.

This wasn’t a case of digital natives waging a mindless war against old media. On the contrary, at the beginning of the session a show of hands revealed a high density of heavy readers in the audience. Throughout the session audience members demonstrated a profound love for books. Combine that with the fact that the panel featured the ever popular Clay Shirky, and the publishers started the session with what might best be described as a sympathetic audience.


How The End of The World Will Be on Twitter

Escape from the Black Hole swallowing Earth thanks to the Twitter!So this morning, I dialed up the Twitter, and saw that @TechCrunch had tweeted that he had discovered that Twitter users could now follow CERN, the European Organization of Nuclear Research.

Apparently CERN is going to use Twitter to send out updates about the progress of Large Hadron Collider, the gynormous particle accelerator which lies underground near the border of Switzerland & France. On September 10, they’re going to fire that sucker up and it will give Mankind the Final Key to How It All Began and a Glimpse of the Face of God.

Either that, or suck the entire Earth into an ever-expanding Black Hole that will eventually be the end of existence.