TiVo, Lower the Price on Your HD-DVR!

series3hddvr-large.jpg When I made the decision to be a DVR early adopter, I chose Replay-TV over TiVo. It’s just that I thought that the Replay was slightly better for the money. It wasn’t a Mac vs. PC decision: I wasn’t taking sides in some great cultural war or anything. At the time, if you said that you were getting a DVR, people had no idea what you were talking about, anyways.

Meanwhile, a lot of other people got TiVo, and fell in love with its easy-to-use interface, and its iconic boo-bop noise, so it became the verb, even while teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. I bought a second Replay — the one with the infamous commercial skip — just a couple of years prior to the company being sold, and being sold again. Now, it’s essentially a software company, and good luck to them — rarely does a technology change my life the way theirs did — but their PC Edition doesn’t fit what I need right now, what with my HD TV and everything.

What does fit, it looks like, is this new TiVo Series 3 with the HD. There is, however, a problem. There is always a problem.

First off, a skosh more backstory: I already have an HD-DVR. A cable company provided box from Scientific Atlanta that — what is the scientific term? — sucks total ass. I essentially traded usability for that beautiful HD output, and Satan just laughs every single day.

The point of all this is that I am absolutely the target market for the new TiVo. I would jump ship to this great sounding — Dual Tuners! HDMI! THX Sound! — box in about 2.3 seconds. Except for that one small problem that I mentioned earlier: the price. $800. Cut it in half, and I’m there. Cut it in half, and I’ll betcha that they’d sell more than double than they would at $800.

So please, TiVo, lower the price on Your HD-DVR and I promise that I will buy one, dump my crappy box provided by my cable company and love you forever!!

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  1. […] I realize that I wrote just a couple of weeks ago that it was too expensive. And I was also worried that I would have to interface with the Cable Company in order to get the two Cable Cards — a technology I hadn’t even heard of a couple of months ago — installed in order to experience the full glory of the dual HD tuners offered by the TiVo Series 3. This is what both TiVo and The Cable Company’s website said that I would have to do. Even though installation is as simple as, well, sliding a card into a slot, they would still have to do it. So I’d figured that the Series 3 could wait until next year. That was the plan, anyways. […]