What Will I Obsess About Tomorrow?

Finally, Election Day!! I’m tossing that out as a public service, just in case you didn– . . . no, I can’t even make that joke.

How is it possible that after two nonstop years of this — 20 full months after I first wondered if this election was going to be the best reality series ever — that anybody who would possibly be reading this wouldn’t know the election was today?

And man, am I glad that — gods willing — it will all be over tomorrow. And yet, I gotta wonder, then what?

I honestly don’t know. I can assume that our little blog will step back away from the politics some. There has been some discussion — and maybe even a little worry — over the politically-oriented direction that we’ve taken over the past few months. Not the politics themselves, per se — we’re basically in agreement on that — but rather the full-on expression of those politics via Medialoper.

That said, not only are we all people who hold strong opinions, it is a fact that the particular area that Medialoper stakes out — the intersection of entertainment and technology — is fully affected by politics. What happens on issues like Net Neutrality, Media Consolidation, Censorship and DRM is very much determined by who is making the laws about these things.

That was a back door into politics — not that we really needed one, honestly — and once the Campaign started in earnest, you might have noticed that nary a Daily Loper went by without at least one pointed snarky political comment from our admittedly — and proudly — left-wing standpoint. I’m sure that some people found it inappropriate, and others said “fuck these people” and de-bookmarked us.

Like Sarah Palin fans. Especially Sarah Palin fans who thought we were violating her First Amendment rights.

Nevertheless, I’m guessing — but not promising — some of that will be dialed down starting tomorrow, especially if Obama wins. Whom yes, I want to win today. More so than anybody else I’ve voted for in my lifetime. Maybe even more than the SF Giants in the 2002 World Series.

But other than that, while I desperately want the election to be over over over! already, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to be obsessing over tomorrow. Maybe, after one final day of nervously checking various websites and a night of channel-flipping, I’ll find something else to think about; something else to worry about; something else to write about.


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